I have developed a systematic approach to diagnosing specific causes of lower back ache and radiating leg and neck pain. Using history, physical examination and injections I can assist you in arriving at a spinal diagnosis.

My interaction with the patient is unique. With my background as a spinal surgeon, I have first hand knowledge of the risks and outcomes from years of experience comparing MRI and Xrays to the realities of the body.  This gives me a specialized perspective. I know what the diagnostic tools indicate and the actual physiology reveals during surgery. As a surgeon, I can tell you, it is impossible to use surgery to overcome an improper diagnosis.

Using my techniques and experience I have developed a process to lead you through this complicated maze of diagnostic work and specialists to achieve acceptable results.

I congratulate you for being concerned enough to search for information. The next step is to schedule an appointment:  503-675-1137

I look forward to participating and being actively engaged in your treatment process.

Mark Weston, MD